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April 14, 2004 - Trekkies 2 Premiere

Nov 1, 2003 - Distillery

July 26, 2003 - Capitol Garage. Filmed for Trekkies 2 - More stories here.

December 17, 1998 show at the Press Club with The Pretty Girls and probably some other bands too.

Reunion Show - Old Ironsides - Sacramento - Friday, March 27, 1998
with: Dekes of Hazard, the Skirts, the Troublemakers. The best No Kill I show ever.

1998 Editor's Award from the Sacramento News & Review:


Best example of kicking a gift horse in the face


No Kill I


Has the world’s second greatest Star Trek band finally pushed its luck too far? Putting aside personal grudges and throwing all reason to the wind, Old Ironsides scheduled the band—already permanently banned twice from the club for offenses ranging from the merely uncivil to the patently offensive—for a March 27 show with the Troublemakers. What followed was a drunken orgy of violence and noise that ended abruptly when a band member, dressed as a green lizard, punctured the ceiling with his bass guitar. A bewildered and beer-soaked audience watched as the band was escorted—so to speak—from the stage, and permanently banned for good this time. Left with the bill for a broken microphone and amp, No Kill I has learned its lesson: Rock ’n’ roll doesn’t pay.



Corrections: I'm pretty sure that we learned no lessons. And 2nd Best? They were refering to the Shatners, who were the 3rd best Star Trek band. And Ironsides broke my amp by throwing it off the stage -- we just dented the mic and we bought them a new one.

The Natural Order of things:
1. No Kill I
2. No Kill I - The Next Generation
3. The Shatners
4. Stovokor
5. No one cares anymore.

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