Shatner vs. Heston

Written by Jerm Jerm Binks

get your paws off me you damned dirty shatner

Charleton Heston:
* Said "damned" and "ape" in the same sentence
* President (!) of the NRA, baby
* Tough enough to survive the plague and a helicopter crash simultaneously
* Drove a chariot
* Didn't star in Generations
* Omega Man -- armageddon flick where he's kills zombies with a Smith & Wesson subgun
* Soylent Green is people!



dont make him do it

William Shatner:
* Played a cop named Hooker
* Killed two gods
* Enduring legacy of spoofs testafying to his greatness
* Let Joan Collins die
* Possible killed more people than Barnaby "From the Hip" Jones
* Canadian Jew
* Can't comprehend his own cockiness
* Directed Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
* George Takei hates Shatner. You decide if that's good or bad.
* Shatner fucks green chicks
* I'm not sure about the TJ Hooker thing. Is that a plus or a minus?

kirk lap dances for change

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