Capital Garage
15th & L in Sacramento
Doors open at 8, first band at 8:30
This is an ALL AGES show (or is it 18+?)
Saturday July 26th $6 (which is $10 too much but Cap G wouldn't let us do the show for minus 4 dollars)

Here's the links to the flyer: jpg (108k) and pdf (350k)


Borg Kitty (72k) (108k)


Well alrighty then. So you're wondering about the show. It was a long day. I got up and had a breakfast burrito at 9:30 am. The Klingon Karaoke guy came by and him and Cap'n Kirk went out to the bar around 11am. Hard Drinkin' Lincoln and I opened our 1st beers around noon. I figured I'd eat later that day, which would soak up some booze, but that never happened. I really wasn't planning on getting super drunk before the show. It's funny how that happens with me.

Stovokor showed up and we sat around drinking beer waiting for the Trekkie people to show up. They called a little after 3 saying, "We're at the Capitol Garage. Where are you? Please show up in costumes". So everyone went "Argh!" and started putting on costumes. I thought the Trekkies people were coming by my place, so I called up everyone to say "Quick, dress and show up".

NKI: TNG was already there, so they were interviewed at the State Capitol. Then Stovokor & Jim the Klingon Karaoke guy showed up for their interviews. We were interviewed at Star Trek Park (9th & N above the underground EDD building if you're not familiar with downtown). Star Trek Park has been called that long before there even was a No Kill I. It looks like the set of an old Star Trek episode.

Dave Ninja, who isn't me no matter what people think, told them about a story about how when I lived in Frisco I was rockin' it and when I finished up I noticed that a construction worker across the street was watching me. Dang kids. They asked me about that on camera. I told them that Dave Ninja had sex with a watermelon.

The interview was a drunken mess with someone, who's name rhymes with "Dave Smith", repeatedly mentioning sodomy. At least that's what Hard Drinkin' Lincoln says. My memory is fuzzy. I think Karen's answers were the best because she's sweet and innocent. I'm sure everything else will end up on the cutting room floor. So we continued drinking. Lincoln wisely got himself some food.

No Kill I bought $150 worth of beer, rum & whiskey which was given out to the crowd & other bands at the show. We didn't know how much space the film crew would take and we figured some free parking lot booze would help. The promoter said "No guests for the bands" at the door which annoyed me because that meant my girlfriend couldn't get in without paying. I got on the stage and bluffed, "Hi, all the bands are leaving since they won't allow us to bring in guests". Stovokor came out and said "we really need to place this show" and I said "I'm just bluffing". Charles, the promoter, came out and said each band member could have a half guest. Karen, our guitar player, had to buy a ticket for her daughter. Man, that annoys me.

The show sold out, and they sold more tickets than they should have, so I'm guessing they must have brought in at least $1,000. Each band was paid $75, and Klingon Karaoke wasn't paid at all. So $300 for 4 bands, and $700 for the promoter. Sheesh. $75 for us after we found the bands (except Stovokor), made flyers and sold the show out before it started. What is it with promotors being sleazy? Not the Distillery though. So far, that's the best place to play in Sacramento.

As far as the show went, I can't answer. My recollections are hazy. You'll have to read Dave Ninja's version or maybe someone else will fill me in. The black/white white/black guys didn't show up. Just a standard NKI show. All the other bands were much better musicians than us, and we stumbled around drunk all night.

My favorite quote from the show was when Cap'n Kirk had his pants pulled down on stage. Some girl, "He's got prettier panties than me!" As least that's what Betsy told me.

Jerme, Amy and Skye walked me home from the show. Probably because the last time I wandered around Sacramento that drunk, I was mugged, had my head bashed in and should've died. I covered my bedroom with projectile vomit and slept for 2 days until Lincoln came over to check on me ("Who's the president?" "Chang. No, I mean Ching" "Okay, we're taking you to the hospital" "Okay, I need to kip". "Kip?" and I walked into the bathroom to pee). Four hemotomas, 4 days in ICU, a permanent loss of vocabulary (nouns still kill me), seizures and I've had a non-stop headache for the last 3 years. Oddly enough, I rarely drink anymore. So anti-seizure drugs and drinking 15+ beers was good for me I reckon.

The interview the next day was horrible. I usually give good tours of the apartment I live in. I don't mind being on stage in front of a crowd, but being followed by a 5-person film crew threw me off. Lincoln, Sarah and I sat around and mumbled some crud. Luckily Lincoln was already drinkin rum & orange soda, so he did okay. I did horrible. I should've had a coupla-three-ten drinks.