HOGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thirty days in the COOOOLER!!!

The Records

Hogan's Heroes Sing the Best of World War II (Sunset) $10 (VG) - $30 (F), I've seen this sealed go for $12.
Bob "Col. Hogan" Crane: His Drums & Orchestra Play The Funny Side of TV Themes From Television's Great Comedy Shows (Epic), I paid $15 for one, signed by Klemperer and it came with a signed Cynthia "Helga" Lynn postcard.  But this is the rarer of the two, and I'm guessing your price is $100 (VF) and $150 sealed. RUMORED ITEM -- Christmas Album

Related Records

I believe all but Klink's are pre-Hogan's Heroes


  • Laffter Sweet and Profane -- Pat Buttram (Mr. Haney) and Bob Crane (Epic). That's Mr.Haney and Col. Hogan! - This one cost me $45 and it was one hell of a deal!  You'd be lucky to see one, let alone buy one.  I'm giving it a price of $150 (VF) because really, you ain't ever gonna see one.
  • Clary:


    • Do I Love You/We Could Have Lots of Fun (Capitol)
  • My Heart Belongs to Only You. Larry Hovis with Jack Marshall's Music (Capitol). Cost me $8.00
  • Klemperer:

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