There were some okay, some bad, and some good artists working in the Dell laboritories in the 1960s.   Himmler!!   That's the cuss word of choice for the Nazis (pronounced: gnat-zees) in the comics.   And that Klink is one tough sonuvabitch in them there funny books -- really he's a tough guy, not comedy relief!
#1, June 1966 -------- $70

#3 , December 1966 ---- $45

#5, April 1967 -------- $30#

#7, July 1967 --------  $30

#9, October 1969 ------ $30

Number 9 is the exact same as #1, but this issue marks the price increase from 12 to 15 cents. Those sly guys at Dell waited 2 years, added 3 cents to the cover price, and snuck it through as a new issue.  Near as I can tell, those jerks that were alive back then were dumb enough to fall for it (Por ejemplo, the Beatles.  The worst band since Rolling Stones and Billy Joel).


  • Mad Magazine: #108, January 1967: "Hokum's Heroes"
  • and #266, October 1986: "Mad's Whatever Became of..."

Dell (1966-69)

The first eight came out in 1966-67, and number nine, the final one, is a reprint of The First.  The 1st price is the Overstreet Price Guide near-mint.  Your average "good" and "very-good" copy would run between 1/6 and 1/3 of these prices.  Remember, if you have to add "for it's age" to a description, you're rating too danged high.  A copy in okay shape should run about $10-$15 bucks.

#2, September 1966 ---- $45

#4, March 1967 -------$30

#6, May 1967 -------- $30

#8, September 1967 ---- $30

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