The Trading Cards

Fleer, 1965, 66-card set. Usually run about $6-12 each, with the complete set between $600-700.

The wax pack runs about $200-250 and the unopened pack I saw, the guy was trying to get $450, which seems awfully high to me for something so easily counterfeited. I've never seen the box, but it must exist.

TVLand did a new card set (new for 98!!) that includes a few Hogan cards. The best one is the preview card with Santa Schultz.

Okay, here's some crud on the history of Fleer that I swiped from some other schmuck's page (I said "Schmuck"! I'm multi-lingual!!): But that doesn't mean the company wasn't active in the card market during this time. Fleer produced several non-sport sets, including 66-card sets of McHale's Navy, Gomer Pyle and Hogan's Heroes in 1965 and a 66-card set on the Gong Show in 1979. From 1959 to 1981, Fleer actually produced 20 non-sport sets. But in the sports market, Fleer was limited in what it could do as far as marketing and licensing in the "regular card" market because of Topps' exclusive signings with the current players. Yippee! Thank you, whomever I swiped that from. On another rambling note, my pal D.J. Liebowitz, the punk rock piano playing (cousin of photographer Annie) was on the Gong Show. He got gonged.

Anyways, here's where I'm gonna be putting leetle eety beety pictures of all the cards as I build up my collection. I've gots a few, but uh... DL and her lackey haven't put them up here yet.

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