The Trip To Heaven and Hell
(aka Oooh Spooky! Wake up, Colonel Hogan, wake up!)

Steve and I have been to Bob Crane's death-place and his 1st grave. Bob went to the Happy Nazi Koncentration Kamp in das Skye when someone, probably J. Edger Hitler, but even more probably a girl, beat on the Bob with a camera tripod. Hold on a minute, let me check my jar o' dirt and get the address of his bludgeoning. Okay 7430 E. Chapperal, Scottsdale Arizona, Winfield Place Apartments, Apartment 132A. It's name was changed to Winfield Place Condominiums since we went, and in 2003 it was put up on eBay. It didn't meet reserve, and like a sucker I can be, I didn't download the pictures. I don't believe at all that it was John Carpenter. And that John Carpenter ain't the Halloween movie Carpenter, and he's not related to The Carpenters (as far as I know). I think Graysmith is a chucklehead. His perp in the Zodiac Killer was wrong, and I think it's wrong with Bob. Take a Bob tour!

We took Baron von Grizman & the Baron's henchwoman, and visited the grave that when it was at Oakwood Memorial Park. In 1999, He was dug up and moved to the Westwood Memorial Park. I don't know why. I'll ask when Steve and I go down there.

I don't have his childhood home address -- I haven't been there yet. It's in Waterbury, Connecticut, and that's on the wrong side of this little burg I call the US of A. One day, I'll have a reenactment of His murder on one of those little movie thingees that you download. A friend of mine's little sister said she'd act, and man it was going to be good. But a bit of Ye Olde Soldier's Disease got in her way, so she's disappeared -- just how them William S Burroughs fanatics are wont to do.


Someone needs to put an end to this.
I'm the dork in the Mr. T Experience shirt.
Steve and I brought: A token hipster with us: Baron von Grizman.
von Grizman brought: An underage girl. Underage girl brought: No One. But she did take this photo.
They mean it, man.




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