The Most Complete List of Hogan's Heroes Collectibles

Okay, you don't care what sort of personal Stalag my brain is in, you just want to know what's out there and what it's gonna cost you. Well, this is for you, mein frien. Welcome to The Official World's Most Complete List of Hogan's Heroes Collectibles as maintained by a complete lunatic! Please, if you see something I'm missing, have a picture or have a correction (the going rate on prices is helpful) e-mail me and I'll correct/update it.

First off, let me tell ya'll what condition ratings mean.  This one is a bit of a sore point with me, 'cause well honestly, most of the Great Unwashed suck at this. The collectible crud market is pretty jammed up with okies trying to get rich with beany-babies and Happy Meal (tm) stuff after they lost all their money on pogs. They're the same slack-jawed yokels that figure if it's old, it's worth something.  The phrase "for it's age" doesn't figure into grading!! I was mad about lazy and ignorant grading before eBay, but they've made it much much worse as well as made it much much easier to find Hogan's Heroes stuff.

Condition is graded the SAME on a new comic as it is on an old comic! Toys and other crud are graded a bit different. Condition is the same, new or old. A 30-year-old copy of a Hogan's Heroes comic is graded on the same scale as this month's Batman. But a crease on a comic ain't quite the same as a crease on a model box. There's room for a bit more damage on a box, and while it ain't necessarily all screwed up, it ain't perfect. Is this making sense? A comic just can't afford to lose as much -- the grade applies to individual pages as much as the cover. Really.

Where there's prices, I'm giving what I think is a fair price for pretty danged good condition.

It ain't my fault you're dumb like me and collect Hogan's Heroes stuff. If you are, you know as well as I do, that there just ain't much out there. And finding out what's out there is just as difficult. Am I being paranoid that Brenda Scott Royce's chapter on Hogan collectibles came from this page? Naw, I don't think so. There's also an "official" Hogan page that swiped (and did a better job at finding pictures) of my list. Not even with a thank you to me. I've started adding pictures of items so that people will return to my site to swipe pictures. If the picture is uncredited, it's one of mine. But I'm not above swiping pictures off eBay. If you have a better picture, please email me and I'll put it on here.

Here's a quick guide on condition:

G (Good) = Bad usually. Heavily worn...played with...multiple missing pieces (where applicable). It's damaged goods, baby. You'll notice that doesn't sound like "good" next to any definition that any human being would use. Dealers and collectors are in their own universe.

VG (Very Good) = Better than good, natch. More worn than abused. Missing pieces still common.

F (Fine) = Minor damage is allowed (edge-wear, a split corner, small paper tears (not on comics), some taping (depends on kind of tape, and kind of item) although some fading may exist, items OVERALL should be bright and clean. It should be danged near complete.

VF (Very Fine) = Damage MUST be minimal!! Slight age/edge wear still can exist, and possibly other MINOR flaws.

NM (Near Mint) = Really wants to be mint, but just can't cut it. Just one or two minor things wrong (and once again, "for it's age" means jack!).

M (Mint) = Better than half the stuff you see new on the shelves! Fresh from the shipping box on a sober shift! It's nice, baby. Real nice.

The Comics

Dell (1966-69)

The first eight came out in 1966-67, and number nine, the final one, is a reprint of The First.  The 1st price is the Overstreet Price Guide near-mint.  Your average "good" and "very-good" copy would run between 1/6 and 1/3 of these prices.  Remember, if you have to add "for it's age" to a description, you're rating too danged high.  A copy in okay shape should run about $5-$10 bucks. Number 9 is the exact same as #1, but this issue marks the price increase from 12 to 15 cents. Those sly guys at Dell waited 2 years, added 3 cents to the cover price, and snuck it through as a new issue.  Near as I can tell, those hippies that were alive back in the 60s were dumb enough to fall for it.  Por ejemplo, the Beatles: The worst band ever, but try explaining that to people that were alive back then.


  • Mad Magazine: #108, January 1967: "Hokum's Heroes" Letters section has a picture of Bob "Col. Hogan" Crane and John "Sgt. Schultz" Banner reading Mad. ebay pic (17k)
  • and #266, October 1986: "Mad's Whatever Became of..."
  • and Super Special #127, March 1998: reprint of "Hokum's Heroes"

Zone (Cashing in on Bob's Death)

  • Zone Productions (1993), #1 of Psycho Killers, which is a Celebrity Stalker Special.  I dunno, $3 or $5 bucks maybe. (33k pic)

The Game

  • Bluff Out (Transogram). In VG condition, I'd say $50 (VG) to $160, I passed up an unplayed (unpunched pieces) for $100 in 1995 (Unpunched or better yet, shrinkwrapped, would add quite a bit. Unpunched about $200, and shrinkwrapped, uh, name it). Argh! Someone should kill me, I really regret that... (25k pic)

The Model

  • American WWII Jeep (CraftMaster). In 2003, they re-released the model bringing prices down considerably. Pre re-release it used used to be $150 sealed, $75 opened but mint, $35 partially built, but unpainted. (88k pic) Now, I'd say $75 sealed, $40 opened but mint, $10 partially built. I think the re-release is $20.
  • RUMOR MODEL -- I dunno what it is. Someone told me they thought there were two models. If you have a model that ain't the Jeep, name your price!

The Lunch Box (with Thermos)

  • Designed by Elmer Lehnardt for Aladin  - These go for $100 (VG) - $275 (NM-M) with the thermos. Really, I'm not kidding. eBay is screwy on this so check your local stores.
    Thermos pic from ebay (78k)

The Toys

  • Signal Sender -- $30 mint on card (24k pic)
  • Army Men -- $30 mint in bag
  • Peri-Peeper -- $30 mint on card
  • Klink's Staff Car -- $40 mint (RoadStars) (29k pic)
  • RUMOR TOY -- American Army Jeep
  • 1968 REMCO Ugly Mugly Slide Projector set. Like the Give a Show slide set, each strip told a story. There was one Hogan strip. $100

The Note Pads

  • Col. Hogan (by ???)  $20 or so. (16k pic)
  • Sgt. Schultz (by St. Regis Paper Company) $25. It's the same sort of cheezy picture like the Hogan one, but this one has a company name on the back and the binding is different.
  • Col. Klink. This one is pretty super rare. Rarer than Schultz even. I'd say $30.

The Records

  • Hogan's Heroes Sing the Best of World War II (Sunset) $10 (VG) - $30 (F), I've seen this sealed go for $12. Detail pic (16k)
  • Bob "Col. Hogan" Crane: His Drums & Orchestra Play The Funny Side of TV Themes From Television's Great Comedy Shows (Epic), I paid $15 for one, signed by Klemperer and it came with a signed Cynthia "Helga" Lynn postcard.  But this is the rarer of the two, and I'm guessing $75 (VF) and $125 sealed. Detail pic (98k)
  • A single from Bob's record. Hogan's Heroes/F-Troop. EPIC Records-#5-10108. $15. eBay pic (57k).
  • The TV Theme Song Sing-Along Song Book. Vol. 2 by John Javna (St. Martin's 1985). LP. This version of the theme has lyrics which I'll post one day. $10.
  • RUMORED ITEM -- Christmas Album

Related Records

I believe all but Klink's are pre-Hogan's Heroes.


  • Laffter Sweet and Profane -- Pat Buttram and Bob Crane (Epic). That's Mr. Haney from Green Acres and Col. Hogan! This one cost me $45 and it was one hell of a deal!  You'd be lucky to see one, let alone buy one.  I'm giving it a price of "name your price" because really, this is a rare one. I've been told by one dealer I hold near and dear to my heart that $150 would be fair. I personally think that's crazy and the only other two I've heard of were both picked up for less than $20. This one really depends on how bad you need it multiplied by how much dough you've got in your pocket. Pic (54k)



  • Apples and Oranges/His Children's Parade (Carnation Records) Arranged & Conducted by Jerry Fielding (the guy that did music for HH, Star Trek, Wild Bunch and the Bad News Bears). 7". $10.


  • Do I Love You/We Could Have Lots of Fun (Capitol)
  • My Heart Belongs to Only You. Larry Hovis with Jack Marshall's Music (Capitol). LP. Cost me $8.00


  • Gurreleider, by Arnold Shoenburg, with Boston Symphony; narration in German
  • Lelio, with the Milwaukee Symphony (Koss Classics, 1991)
  • Gerald McBoing Boing, by Dr. Seuss
  • Fatherland, by Robert Harris, narrator

The Trading Cards

  • Fleer, 1965, 66-card set. Usually run about $6-12 each, with the complete set between $700-900. The wax pack runs about $200-250 and the single unopened pack I saw, the guy was trying to get $450, which seems awfully high to me for something so easily counterfeited. I've never seen the box the cards came in, but I've heard of it at an auction with a starting bid of $800. Wax pack pic from ebay (19k)
  • TV's Coolest Classics. The set retails around $15, I think. It's not a very good set. The promo cards, which are the coolest and not in the set, should be around $2-4, but sometimes they go for $5-7. My personal favorite is Schultz as Santa.

The TV Guides (tm)

  • Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 1965 -- Cynthia Lynn, Bob Crane $10-20 (17k pic)
  • Nov. 19-25, 1966 -- Bob Crane, Robert Clary $10-20

Regional TV Guides

Film & Video

  • 16mm film prints of episodes distributed to the stations to air the show. $30.
  • Columbia House Videos. VHS. Four episodes per tape, $25 new from Columbia. Used, even unopened, about $10.
  • CBS Video. VHS. Two episodes per tape, $20. Sheesh, what a rip-off.
  • Uncensored All-Star TV Bloopers. 65 minutes VHS tape of teevee bloopers.
  • Video of Bob Crane's Sex Acts. These exist, I've seen clips twice, but I don't have any. HBO aired a clip on a documentary.
  • Stalag69. Finally, a HH porn. $30 from Kristy's Wild Videos.


  • John Banner is the hard one to get since he's popular and died soon after the show ended. Well over $100.
  • Bob Crane. I paid $20 for an Xmas Card, and $95 for a Beginner's Luck handbill made out to Dave.
  • Werner Klemperer.
  • Leon Askin.
  • Howard Caine.
  • Robert Clary. Order his CD from him and ask him to sign it. $15-$20. (10k pic)
  • Richard Dawson.
  • Ivan Dixon.
  • Bernard Fox.
  • Larry Hovis.
  • Cynthia Lynn.
  • Sigrid Valdis.
  • Kenneth Washington.


  • Photocopied scripts range from $5-10.
  • Original scripts. I'd guess $35-50.

Promo Stuff

  • Pictures and plot thrown together for local papers to push the show. $20 each sounds swell.
  • Other weird promo stuff was mentioned in Miss Royce's book, but not explained.

Original Fan Club

  • Membership card

Newer Stuff

  • Coffee mug. I've heard $12.
  • Boxer shorts. (104k eBay pic)
  • Collector plate/plaque. 1991 Ernst Enterprises. High gloss image on ceramic made like a picture frame, 7" x 9", framed in dark oak wood. Artist Susie Morton has drawn a life like portrait of Colonel Hogan,Commandant Klink and Sgt. Schultz and they are pictured in their uniforms. Comes in original box with certificate and stand.
  • Magnets with pictures from the show. $7.
  • T-Shirts with pictures of the show. $15.
  • Magnetic version of the Jeep Model Kit. Square box with the parts to make your own plastic car (they pulled one apart). $10.
  • Mousepad
  • Clock (59k eBay pic)
  • Street Sign
  • Beer Stein - front (10k) back (10k) pics from Cliff. Cliff's site
  • The Jimmy Flintstone Model Company made resin cast models in the late 1990s. I'm not sure what characters they've done besides:
    Shultz model (8k eBay pic)
    Klink model (9k eBay pic)

Rumored Stuff

This all got in here, because it's stuff I've never actually seen or heard of from rock-solid sources. It's just stuff I've heard exists, and sometimes from pretty shady sources.
  • Halloween Costume
  • Christmas Album
  • Die-Cast toy car (not Klink's Staff Car)
  • Model (not the American Jeep)
  • Original Promo Stuff
  • Bob Crane sexual device.

Last updated July 2003 (Version 1.8). It's been 25 years since Bob died.


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