Rumors and Weird Trivia

Okay, listen. Bob Crane wasn't into kiddie porn. That's been going around ever since he died. He liked to film his sexual escapades with the ladies starting way back in 1956. I've seen a couple clips of his stuff. HBO showed one, but sadly I didn't get it on tape. Just the usual "Don't worry baby, that camera ain't on" kind of stuff and a blow job. No fisting, no watersports, no bondage. Just plain ol' regular everyday sex. And most of the time, she knew she was being filmed (well, that's based on the HBO thing and the page). Another nifty thing that Scotty Crane says, is his first wife cheated on Bob too. Which would make sense since he was making movies. Ah, sweet swinger lifestyle.

Bob was married to Sigrid "Hilda" Valdis, not Cynthia "Helga" Lynn. If you ask me, Helga was the cuter one.

According to the National Enquireer, Robert Clary was arrested in a gay sex sting. It was around 1990 I think. Yes, he's married and I think he's probably got kids. He was also in the Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald. I've got the clip from the Enquirer that I'm going to put up here pretty soon. I don't know if it's true, I'm just saying the Enquirer said so. So he swings a little for both sides...

Clary Gay Sex!!!

Larry Hovis was the producer for 1989's teevee show "Totally Hidden Video." He was fired for hiring actors. But he was also on Laugh-In, so give him a break. He's teaching acting in Texas now: Maria Duran emailed, "hi. in rumors, you say larry hovis is teaching in austin. close.....he's a professor at SWT in san marcos texas, between San atonio, and Austin :)> GO CATS!!!"

Actors on the show who were Jewish (according to the s'wonderful Jewhoo):

John Banner - Sgt. Shultz (Austrian born, fled Nazi Germany)
Howard Caine - Major Hochstetter (fought Nazis in the US Navy)
Leon Askin - General Burkhalter (Austrian born, probably fled Nazi Germany)
Robert Clary - Corporal LeBeau (was in the Buchenwald concentration camp)
Werner Klemperer - Nate, the editor of Jewhoo mailed me this "Werner Klemperer's story is a bit more complicated. His father was Jewish. His mother---Lutheran. His father converted to Catholicism before the Nazi regime. Not that the Nazis cared. Anyway, Werner was brought up as a Catholic. But his father--the famous conductor--formally returned to Judaism at the age of 88."

Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS (probably the most entertaining Ilsa movie) was filmed at the Hogan's Heroes set. I don't remember if it was Steve Mar or me that noticed that when we were watching it. At the end, the set is blown up. Click here for a picture of the Ilsa cover (48k).

Geoff Fein, son of Bernard Fein, one of the creator's of Hogan's Heroes wrote to ask me how much the original scripts would be worth. I have no idea. Any ideas anybody?


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