Chris Woodhouse

Just a random start, Chris is going to be hard...


Karate Party, guitar
Horny Mormons, drums
Laughing Jesus, guitar
the Pretty Girls, drums
Los Huevos, drums
FM Knives, guitar
Caboose, guitar
Salmonella, drums
Roadkill, drums
Pounded Clown, guitar
Horny Mormons, drums
The Lizards, bass
The Bable Fish, drums
Th' Surprise Package, drums
True Value, guitar, siren
Thermüs (Drums, with my brother)
Seven Languages (guitar)
George (Drums, with Ray from Tinfed)
Cheesefish (Drums)
Ironstew (Drums. Where are you, Stew?)
The Soft (Bass. Gabe Nelson’s band)
Viking (drums)
Shitty Things (singer)
Trouble Makers (subbed on drums for one gig in Spain)



Notes from Chris.

A Frames “Plastica/Hospital” 45 (SS Records)
The Bananas, “the Peel Sessions” EP (Secret Center)
The Bananas, Slippery Subject
The Bananas, Forbidden Fruit
The Big D, self-released CDR (another big favorite of mine, Jay the “Biz” Baker should get a grammy for the drumming, jeezus)
Captain, "Like I" CD/cassette release. Chris says "A personal fave of mine."
The Colonels, Guitarmageddon 7"
FM Knives "Useless & Modern" (Moo-La-La, 2002)
Lil Bunnies, 50 Childrens Favorites lp
The Lizards side of the Can't Cope Lizards/Elmer split
Los Huevos, Kiss My Cruiser ep (Moo-La-La, 1995)
Los Huevos, The Rebel Kind ep (Moo-La-La, 1996)
Los Huevos, LP (Cheap Date, 1997)
Los Huevos, Manlove/Maserati 45 (Goodbye Boozy, 1999)
Los Huevos, Gang of Saints 7" (Dragnet, 2001)
Milhouse USA, stuff
Nar, “Holiday Routine” EP (Secret Center)
No Kill I, recorded stuff when Hal was in the band
Readymades, (a great full-length that somebody needs to put out)
Shove, Devil in the Woods “Alone in a Room 2” comp
The Trouble Makers The Great Lost Trouble Makers Album, 12" lp, Screaming Apple, 1998
The Trouble Makers I'm Not That Kinda Girl EP 1999


Feb. 11




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