Los Huevos





Scott Soriano, vocals, sometime guitar
Ed Hunter, guitar
Chim-Chim, drums 1991-92
Bryan Hopper, drums 1992-94
Paul, bass, 1991-94, was also in Social Revenge
Brian W, bass, 1994
Tristan Tozer, bass 1994-96
Scott Miller, drums 1995
Ed Carroll, drums 1995
Jason Patrone, bass 1996-99
Chris Woodhouse, drums 1997-99


Earthquake ep (Moo-La-La, 1993)
Vinyl Retentive comp 2LP - Lava Soap - (Very Small, 1993)
Vault comp tape (Enharmonik, 1993)
Kiss My Cruiser ep (Moo-La-La, 1995)
Uh, This Is a Cover comp tape (Secret Center, 1995)
Xeroxica comp tape (Secret Center, 1995)
History of Sacramento V.1 comp tape (Rayzen, 1995)
Songs About Drinking comp 2LP - Dixie Fried - (Too Many, 1996)
Wood Paneled Pacer Wagon With Mags comp LP = 7" ep - Ant House - (Too Many, 1997, 3200 on black)
The Rebel Kind ep (Moo-La-La, 1996)
Yatzee Punks Fuck Off comp tape (Secret Center, 1996)
Wallygigs tape (Moo-La-La, 1996)
Los Huevos LP (Cheap Date, 1997)
Manlove/Maserati 45 (Goodbye Boozy, 1999)
Gang of Saints 7" (Dragnet, 2001)




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