The Bananas

1991 - present



Mike R Mike, guitar & sings
Lisa Banana, bass 1991-2002
Scott Miller, drums
Marie D, bass


Revolution Banana Style tape (Secret Center, 1992)
Vinyl Retentive comp 2LP - Spicy Jerk (Very Small, 1993)
Bad Banana Rising ep (Secret Center, 1993)
Concrete World comp tape (Bat Guano, 1993)
Xeroxica comp tape (Secret Center, 1994)
Faux Pas Potpourri 2CD - Spicy Jerk (Very Small, 1993-99)
Uh, This is a Cover comp tape (Secret Center, 1994)
The Peel Sessions ep (Secret Center, 1995)
Econo-pep-rally comp tape (Couchfort, 1995)
Yatzee Punks Fuck Off comp tape (Secret Center, 1996)
History of Sacramento V.1 comp tape (Rayzen, 1995)
Swimming the Secret C comp cd (Secret Center, 1996)
History of Sacramento V.2 comp tape (Rayzen, 1997)
Sacramento: City of a Beer comp ep (Moo-La-la, 1998)
Forbidden Fruit CD (Plan-It-X, 1998)
New Wave Explosion comp CD (Super 8, 1999)
Slippery Subject CD (Plan-It-X, 2001)
New Disorder Soda comp CD (New Disorder, 2001)


Bananas The Peel Sessions




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