No Kill I






Ed Hunter aka Cap'n Kirk, vocals
Mike Cinciripino aka Abe Lincoln, guitar
Dave Downey aka Sheman Rand, keyboard
Karen Simmons aka Yeoman Rand, guitar
Mike Kellogg aka Spock aka Romulan
Dave "Smith" aka Mugatu aka Gorn, 2 string bass
Hal MacLean aka The Orion Slave Girl aka Green Skinned Girl Whom No Man Could Resist, drums (when Mike Kellogg quit for a while)


No Kill I releases:

s/t tape (NKI, 1995?) available free at
Swimming the Secret C comp CD - No Kill I theme song - (Secret Center, 1996)
Songs About Drinking comp 2LP - Traunya - (Too Many, 1996)
Wood Paneled Pacer Wagon With Ma