Pounded Clown


Horns meet punk but stay away from ska and form a side show. --ss






Most of the horn players didn't last long....

Ed Hunter, guitar
Dave Downey, vocals, guitar
Rick Edwards, bass then moved to Baritone horn/slide trumpet
Hal MacLean, drums
Mike Kellogg, bass
Vince di Fiori, trumpet
Chris, trombone

other horn players:

Rebecca, sax
Doug Martin, sax
Norm, sax
Brent, bass (kicked out)
Tom Hutchinson, horn
Jim, horn (kicked out pretty quick)
Megan, flugel horn
Todd, trumpet
Ian, sax
Allan Wilson, sax
Jon, sax
Billy, sax
Felicia, flute
DeeAnn Little, flute
Kenny Beasly, trumpet
George, trumpet
Jason, sax
Mark, trombone
Chris Woodhouse, guitar
Bobby Burns, drums
Star Wilson, horn
John Walstrom, coronet
Pat, horn
Jessica, horn (also in Superplumb)



Very Small World comp LP - Fishtank - (Very Small, 1991, 2000 with badly printed covers and various color vinyl & 1000 with good covers and black vinyl.)
Four Two Pudding comp LP - One Nine Hundred - (Very Small, 1991)
Pounded Clown/Horny Mormons lp (Very Small, 1992, 600 on black)
Can of Pork comp LP (Very Small, 1992)
Vinyl Retentive comp 2LP - Trashmen - (Very Small, 1993)
Vault comp tape (Enharmonik, 1993)
Hung Dover comp 7" ep - Got No Life - (Very Small, 1993, 400 on Black. Given away for free.)
Trashmen ep (Turgid, 1993)
Pounded Clown ep (Last Resort, 1995)
Songs About Drinking comp 2LP - Red Eye - (Too Many, 1996)
Faux Pas Potpourri 2CD - Got No Life - (Very Small, 1999)

Pounded Clown at Jay & Keri's doomed wedding.




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