The OtterPops



Kizzy Miller, voice
Celeste Doerr, voice
Hal MacLean, drums
Jim MacLean, bass
Steve ?, guitar



Kizzy says: We sang three songs, opening a show in William Land Park that Vince di Fiori (my boyfriend at the time and future trumpet player for P.Clown & Cake) and I put on. The other bands on the bill to my recollection where I Love Ethyl, The Psychadelic Love Cowboys (Anton Barbeau & some other dude he used to play with) Some other Hal & Jim band but not Sewer Trout.Damn, there where more bands but I can't remember who. Maybe Pounded Clown. Fuck, too much acid. Oh well.

This is how I met Hal & Jim. Ed Hunter told me to call Hal when our original Bassist & drummer (Dan Montoya & another guy) bailed on us at the last minute. I thought the three song set was a lost cause but I kept getting these cryptic messages on my answering machine from Hal. Finally I called him back and we practiced twice at his house. Once, the night before the gig and then the next morning we drank beer in Hal's room at about 10:00am, ran through the songs & headed out to the park and played for about 40 people.




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