Sewer Trout



Jim MacLean, bass, vocals
Hal MacLean, drums
Keith Lehtinan, guitar

Erik Benson, joined sewer trout (him and hal were both engineering students at sac state) as their 4th member and when his songs became too prog/fancy for sewer trout they became the well hung monks. Hal says, "Erik played one show at the Place in Davis (Keith wasn't there), and Jim hated what Erik was doing to the songs".


From the Bowels of Suburbia Emerge... tape (ST, 1985)
Turn It Around comp 2ep (12", Very Small #510. David Hayes says "it was a Gilman benefit paid for by MRR, but I disorganized it...", 1987)
Songs About Drinking ep (Lookout, 1987)
We've Got Your Shorts comp ep (1987)
LETHAL NOISE Volume 2 comp tape (Very Small #2, 1987)
Sewer Trout for President ep (One Shot Flop, 1988)
The Thing That Ate Floyd comp LP - Vagina Envy - (Lookout, 1988)
Flawless 10" ep (Very Small, 1989)
Alone in this World comp tape (Bat Guano, 1989)
Very Small World comp LP (Very Small, 1991)
Four Two Pudding - Holiday In Romania - CD (Very Small, 1991)
From the Forgotten memories of Punks Failed Hopes and Dreams Loom...CD (SPA, 1998)




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