Stupid notes for myself because I'm a stupid idiot.

2-27-06. I typed out some stuff about some NKI shows.

11-11-3. random crud. some bob stuff, some bananas stuff, some midget stuff, some nki show info, some sactour

6-29-3. peep off, random bob crud

6.20.3. jed url, donate beg

3.19.3. Peeps, damn it.

11-4-2. Hogan stuff added.

10-31-2. inbred

10-16-2. been slow, taking seizuring time off. more inbred. a bit of sacto and hogan. both which need work.

10-2-2. slowed there with a seizure, and having my girlfriend go into the hospital. lots more inbred. need to work on sacto and hogan this weekend.

9-13-2. inbred

9-10-2. s'more inbred

8-28-2.more inbred.

8-27-2. s'more inbred. readded Ed's killer article. Hey you, yeah you, you should send me stuff damn it! har har, no kill i dot khan!, and I added to take you to the sacto page

8-25-2. inbred -- added bunch of stuff

8-6-2. inbred. fixed cheryl fuck-ups, added stuff by mike diaz, josh coleman

7-24-2. s'more inbred. not much, fixed another fuck-up

7-23-2. more inbred, fixed some of my fuck-ups, started working on a secret center/cassingle page

7-22-2. lots of inbred stuff & cheryls pics

7-18-2. minor inbred (still need to add cheryls stuff)

7-8-2. cuz i've had two people ask, put up a link to You Must Fight to Live on the Planet of the Apes page again.

7-6-2. more inbred. tossed up some temp crud for since it was 404'ing

7-3-2. inbred. started on my plan to Rule The World (and I'm still laughing at nokilli dot khan)

6-25-2. inbred. figured out a different way to database and code my site. that should be up in Sept. added a bunch of old bars.

6-20-2. ed does killer of 1941 thing. still need to add photos of that.

6-13-2. inbred. still need to go through and check off names of people i just added, but no time. gonna see the feederz tonight.

6-12-2. put up infatuated yet again. i should make up my mind with that one, i'll wait and see until Sarah says "hey, take that down" but she thinks it's funny. 14 months with a headache.

6-10-2. no kill i dot khan. man, i slay me.

6-5-2. back from missouri where the crummy state of texas kept me from eating a squirrel. more inbred stuff.

5-17-2. sorta killed the gonculator, but it's working again. update nki, updated inbred, updated sactour, added tracker & normal index to 7th heaven

5-13-2. some nki stuff.

5-11-2. inbred. a lot of inbred.

5-9-2. inbred. andy lillie starts working on the code

5-7-2. inbred

5-2-2. inbred

4-30-2. inbred

4-26-2. sactour & inbred

4-25-2. started on sactour

4-18-2. dumb links added. yes, still headachy and it's been over a year!

4-8-2. peep stuff

4-2-2. dump peep stuff

4-1-2. marie & dave seapig info on inbred

3-30-2. s'more peep stuff and inbred stuff

3-28-2. Peep Off stuff

3-19-2. voodoo chicken, some bits of jerk

3-18-2. added inbred, bunnies (shh.. it's a secret link on that page), jerk, roadtrip

3-17-2. S'more inbred stuff

3-12-2. inbred, and pounded clown record list updated

3-10-2. peep-off

3-1-2. inbred

2-26-2. more inbred

2-24-2. more inbred, added a bit to pounded clown

2-23-2. more inbred, some nokilli pics, some lil bunnies stuff

2-22-2. more inbred

2-20-2. more inbred

2-18-2. more inbred

2-6-2. Started on the Bananas site, put a link on the midget page.

1-30-2. peep jewelry up.

1-29-2. Start scanning and putting up Jerk. Amara story, braces.

1-24-2. Start the crummy html section of Inbred instead of the good perl edition.

1-15-2. Yup, killed off the InFatUated again after getting dumped by it.

10-31-1. More bunnies reviews. sucker.

10-25-1. Added some dumb HH links, and some health guy maybe. I dunno.

10-22-1. added mopar stuff again.

10-2-1. added link. took off old nki shows.

9-27.1. fixed another NKI show thing. put up Matt's yakamashi records stuff.

9-24-1. fixed NKI record thingee

9-23-1. another NKI show change.

9-22-1. redid the NKI show page.

9-20-1. link to limey, some NKI stuff that I'll have to redo tommorrow, and Peep stuff. headaches you ask? still suck.

9-1-1. added more dumb lil bunnies reviews, link to poo girls page

8-6-1. updated midgets, added some NKI crap. Yup.

7-31-1. Added Foxfire95814. Headaches still suck.

6-7-1. Added a Dead Wife, took a line out of Milhouse history that Candy-Ass hated.

4-29-1. Peep-Off info.

4-27-1. Sheesh, one stupid hospital visit... Okay, All I did was update the No Kill I show listing.

3-22-1. No Kill I show info. Some Nauru links (thanks King Valiant).

3-21-1. Peep Off stuff goes up. I reput up Infatuated. What a baby.

3-11-1. Inbred Band Project. Infatuated comes down.

3-7-1. Put Infatuated warning up (sorry Gina). Update Peep Off stuff.

3-6-1. Mihouse USA site up. Ah fuck it, might as well move the secret folder into the public domain. Put up sissy-fied versions of Infatuated and Hatchet Face, and the regular Man Punch Man.

2-21-1. Link to Charlene, Sactopunk, Havenots. Put up a random index. Chicken out about putting up In-fat-uated Nauru story.

2-18-1. Got the Nar site up, removed the frames. Think I found all the bugs. Don't know if opening another browser for the records is a plus or minus. Added the LA milhouse to the list of milhouses. Pointed people towards napster on nki site.

2-14-1. Broke up CG report into bite-sized pieces. Fixed (hopefully) fucked up links to midgets, bunnies, dead wife. Added the proverbial load of counters to a bunch of crappy pages (cock, clown, bunnie, peep, milhouse).

2-13-1. Updated Peep Off links to Charlie Bill's new site.

2-10-1. Moved server. Fuck ulink and their crappy service. Having to call them every day for a week to get them to fix problems on their end blows. They used to be good.

12-24-00. Inbred Band Project

12-13-00. Added counter to index in Hogan and No Kill I. Updated Klemperer's Jewish history past.

12-11-00. Added access to the message board from a few more pages. Nothing major.

12-10-00. Half-assed Milhouse page up, sorta fixed up the horribly neglected and bad No Kill I site (thanks to the Troublemakers for having a site so nice it made me feel ashamed). Need to add link to sacramentopunk, Slap Happy Records, Charo's Hogan's erotica.

12-9-00. Made index table fixed instead of percentage. Need to see if that fixes text over hat image. Re-added update dates.

December 8, 2000. Got ulink to fix problem on their end. gifs folder up, can add stuff to main directory again.

December 7, 2000. New format goes up. I wonder how much I fucked up. Added Pounded Clown, message board, links, resume. Still need to do: Milhouse, new No Kill I, Jerk!, Sacto stuff, Escort Service, repo man. Needed to fix hogan site (add Crane death, Peanut's hogan comics, scan trading cards, scan Clary arrest story). Fix gif glitch. Can't upload gifs. Quickly redo index, screw other pages. this sucks.