Sacramento: City of a Beer

Okay, I'm starting to do this now. My own retarded Sactour. I've had a couple people send emails saying "Hey jerk, do it while we're still alive" and I paid 49 cents for a digital camera, so no more stalling. This is gonna be my guide to the good life and local history called "Sacramento: City of a Beer."

I was gonna do a cheap newsprint paper printed guide a couple zillion years ago, but then too many people got involved and it died a SIDS death arguing over what to include and not include.

I've got a pretty good list of ideas and places, but please email me at if you have any recommendations.

The best part is, I call things as I see 'em. Even if you disagree with me, it'll still help: hate me, go to places I hate; like me, go to places I like. It's still super rough, but it'll get better.

Here's the general idea index:

  • Weird and Neat stores
    (stuff like Capitol Aquarium, Grau-Hall Medical Supply)
  • Thrift stores
  • Comic stores
  • Bowling alleys
  • Record Stores
  • Gun Stores!
  • Arcade and Pinball Games
  • Murder & Mayhem
  • Bars, Restaurants, & Clubs
  • Old Bars
  • Trailer Parks, the Castle
  • Race tracks
  • Misc. Famous People Stuff (I'll need some help here. I'm not even sure what I'm looking for yet. I just wanted a spot to mention that Ozzy Osbourne has a house in Grass Valley. What's my definition of famous? Mr. T, Tom LaBrie, Captain Carrot. Sure Eddie Murphy's got a house here, but no one will care until he kills a guy)
  • Honest Repair (Cars, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles)
  • Dying landmarks (Drive-ins, Orbit stations)
  • Punk rock history
  • I'd love a list of Meter Maids home addresses, but I don't know where to find that info. I hate meter maids. Prison guards and cops are a necessary evil, but meter maids are lower than child molesters. Child molesters don't set out to be evil bastards, they can't help it. Don't give me a "we all need to work for a living" argument either. It didn't work for Nazi German torture doctors in Nuremberg and it ain't gonna work on meter maids. Ticket me on Christmas, will they...
  • Sacramento Inbred Band Project (a "degrees of" type list of bands and people)

I plan on including the suburbs too. If you see a beat to hell primer grey 67 Barracuda pulling up to your place and some white trash POS drunkenly crawls out, say hi and I'll give you a Pabst.

Once I get this built up maybe I'll do the print issue, but I really doubt it.

Here's pretty good links of Sacramento tour stuff:

Last update: 11-11-3