Jerk! jerk! Jerk!

jerk dog logo swiped from a 1970s Crazy Magazine

Jerk! Zine (1992 - 1995). This is a crappy internet version of something meant to be cheap and sleazy and on pocket-sized paper. It's a zine (remember those?) I used to do back when I was full of piss and vinegar. They came with a firecracker so you could blow 'em up when you were done reading it, and the covers were colored with food coloring so they did neat things when used as coasters (the scented coloring never smelled like pineapple like I wanted it to). Then I quit doing it for reasons that seem pretty stupid now. Once in a while Beercan Dick Hansen (Peep King Champion, 1997 through 1998 consecutively) bugs me to put out the issue he and Tippy made me finish a couple years ago that I never bothered to put out. It's sitting here in a box waiting to go to Kinkos and maybe one day I will.. It's designed for sitting on the pot or riding in the car. Pocket sized and short stories. There's still a few issues of #4 left if you wanna bother to send for it. They cost a stamp, but I'm not sending out hate mail with 'em anymore. PO Box 2414, Sacramento, CA 95812-2414

Okay, I got a scanner. A lot of the stories had pictures that need to go with 'em which is what I was waiting for (I ain't gonna scan the pages, besides I don't have all the issues anymore). No one believes the stories anyway, so I don't know why I bother.

Link to:

Jerk! 1 (tonite's episode: filler)

- The Healing Powers of Light

- VooDoo Chicken Curse

Jerk! 2 (tonite's episode: birth -> school -> work -> death,
was supposed to be: klaatu barata nikto)

- The Land of Maybe

Jerk! 3 (tonite's episode: I kilt a ninja just to make his mommy cry.)

Jerk! 4 (tonite's episode: free catfish with each paid admission!)