Scott Soriano



Socially Unaccepted, vocals
Social Revenge, vocals
Satyagraha, synth
Danny Poo and the Roto-Doggies, trumpet
a priori, vocals
Los Huevos, vocals, sometimes guitar
Bi-curious George, guitar, percussion
Nebekenez, vocals, saxamaphone
Popesmashers, saxamaphone, percussion
Sir and the Young Men, vocals
Shitty Things, guitar, vocals


other stuff:

Spamm (aka Spamzine), zine 1981-85, 6 issues
fucker, zine, 1994-95, 3 or 4 issues

He's the main guy who runs the Loft and who mostly ran The Hindenburg (a punk rock record store that was at the Loft). Currently selling records/books at Time Tested Books 1114 21st Street, Sacramento.




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