Sweet Sweet Jane
(aka Sweet Jane)

Sacramento, 1990 - present?



Billie Starr, vocals, guitar, songwriting
Kyle Larsen, guitar (quit 1990/1991)
Ed Hunter, guitar (quit 1990/1991)
Rick Edwards, bass (quit 1990/1991)
Tim, drums (left - replaced by Bryan)
Bryan Hopper, drums


Anonymous Coward says: Billie Starr's one piece of work. At last count, three kids who were not immune to getting the belt. Got so she was burning so many bridges that now she has her own kids playing for her. After everyone above left, Billie changed the name to Sweet Jane and got lots of other guys to play with her. I guess she's solo now with her sons backing her up.

Ed Hunter says: Let's see, BARBARA'S BUSH was already trying to be a band when HOUSE OF MONKEY existed. Remember that show that Brad put on there? They sold cans of beer out of the back room and that old man walked by, had a beer and was friendly and then started picking fights and everyone was teasing him. Remember that? Well, that was when we kicked out our old drummer and got Bryan.

That same day, Tim was late and Bryan sat in and then when Tim showed up all smashed and ready to play. Leon drove him all the way home with his drums and gave him the news.

If I can figure out when HOUSE OF MONKEY was open, I can figure out sorta when we started. (By the way, the drunk old man who started picking fights was really a drunk old man and *not* tequila Ed making an early appearance. True story.)

Anyway, H of M wasn't exactly open for very long, so maybe Dave Downey would know. I think the non-Brad owner did a lot of deals with BeerCanDick Hansen, so maybe he would know.

I almost forgot, Rick Edwards was our bassist until a little after Kellogg joined POUNDED CLOWN, then Kellogg became the bassist. I think that might be why we temporarily stopped being BB. So we wouldn't have to explain to Rick that he sucked. My guess: mid 1991-1998. That goes for all three names that were pretty much the same band or type of band anyway. (By the way, Kyle Larsen quit I think by '94 because we were doing too many "headbanging" songs which was because Leon started nixing his "hippy rock" songs.)





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