Slaughterhouse 5

Sacramento, punk


Ed Hunter, guitar and vocals on the good songs

Kurt Krause: Lead guitar and bad vocals on the bad songs (broke up the band because we were holding him back from his richly-deserved success).

He was Kurt Hamlin, but then he changed his name to Kurt Krause in honor of his teutonic heritage. You can only quote me about him if you point out the fact that everyone but his cats and his current girlfriends (once they snap to who he really his, they fall in line too) thinks he's a complete pompous ass. Ask anyone. I mean it. Ask Dave Downey, Chris Woodhouse...anyone. PS: He has a white cat with a little rectangle of black fur under his nose what he done named Adolph.

Rick Edwards, bass (Brought crazy creole woman over who came onto everyone but Rick and humiliated him; he was later caught wanking in his van outside the practice spot)

Vince di Fiori, trumpet (No good bad things to say about Vince)

Mike Murrietta, (Liked stealing Rick's stuff and filming himself with young girls; fled the county)

Tim Stilletto, (From Fang; cokehead; wifebeater; stole gear from Rick)

Al Jarvis, (Nice guy from Indiana; jammed with Cheetah Crome)

Hal MacLean, drums


Notes from Ed Hunter




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