Sacramento Apes

Sacramento and Japan, punk


guy from Japan
girl from Japan
Scott Miller
Tristan Tozer
some other punks doing back-ups


Sacramento City of a Beer Cassingle

This was a neat couple of kids who flew into Frisco. I had a roommate in Frisco named Devon who sang in All You Can Eat and they toured the world relentlessly, so there were always kids from all over the place staying on our floor. Anyhoo, this Japanese couple were really excited about Sacramento and wanted to come here. Mostly because it was home of Secret Center Records. I thought they were kidding, but nope, so I drove 'em up. They loved the idea of doing Cassingles and made this one.

If you don't know what a Cassingle is, it's a tape cassette of a joke band that Scott Miller would put out. There's some really good ones, and this is one.






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